About Sensual Massages

Sensual massage or otherwise known as erotic massage does not means sex. Still, it's a form of massage but it can incorporate various techniques and strokes that might not be used in conventional massage sessions. Sensual massages could be used by couples in expressing their feelings and provide recipient with wonderful sensual experience.


In this article, I compiled few basics to be considered when giving erotic massage to your partner or even as professional to clients.


Environment - environment and atmosphere in this form of massage is so important. Creating a sensual environment combined with proper lighting, scents, sounds as well as temperature sets the mood. The room's temperature must be set so by that, it's warm enough for massage to be done either with no or limited clothing. More often than not, sensual massage is done undrape, dig this!


Your personal grooming - be sure that you're well-groomed and showered before going into this form of massage therapy session. You have to pay attention most especially to your nails and hands. If you're a guy for instance and planning to massage a girl, then make sure that the body hair is groomed well. Keep in mind to think of the recipient and to what they like.


Cleansing as part of massage - prior to the start of the sensual massage central london, taking a warm bath with the therapist washing the client's body is a nice way of relaxing into touch of massage.


Covering - if your partner or client is a bit nervous, then cover the buttocks and explain that the towel could be removed as they feel more comfortable throughout the session. A nude and bare body basically creates a sensuous experience. To learn more about Massage Therapy, go to


Ask questions - you may ask before you start with the massage session if there's anything that the person does not want to be touched or does not like. For the masseuse, this can help a lot in sensing how comfortable a person is and to how you can progress with the sensual elements of the massage.


General techniques - follow the techniques you've trained for otherwise, start with tension filled areas like the neck, shoulders, back and for some, buttocks and the lower back. The feet may be done last before turning over the client so you can clean your hands before you start front. Keep the movement smooth and try to flow from one place to the other using long and slow strokes to the client's body.