Types of Massage You Can Choose From

The body builds up stress due to various activities and pressures people deal with every day. As such, the emotion and performance of a person is greatly affected. One way to solve this issue is to get a massage regularly. Due to the necessity and demand for massage services, there are a lot of massage clinics providing this service. There are also various types of massage available around the world. Here are some of the popular massage types you can find in a massage clinic.


1.            Sports massage - Sports massage at refer to the massage which rehabilitate injuries due to sports as well as improve various body performances like flexibility. These are very common to sports teams and university athletes.


2.            Thai massage - This type of massage originated from Thailand and has become very popular around the world. It includes stretching, yoga and sensual massage london. A lot of people who experienced Thai massage are energized after every massage session.


3.            Reflexology massage - This massage has been around for centuries. It aims to relieve the stress of a person. Various massage techniques are used to help the body relax and heal. The reflex points which are the focus on this massage are even known to correct the nervous system and promote endocrine secretion which can lead to a pleasurable feeling.


4.            Aromatic massage - Just like its name, this massage involves the use of aromatic oils. The aroma is based on various scented plant oils which provides soothing effect both on the body and the mind. There are different aromas used in aromatic massage including roses and lavender.


5.            Hot stone massage - Hot stone massage relies on hot stone when giving a massage. Most stones used are basalt or a volcanic rock know to have high heat retention. Experts claim that hot stone massage is effective on body conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure as well as varicose veins.


6.            Deep tissue massage - This massage aims beneath the skin layer. Its primary target are the muscles in the body. Strains and muscle pains are just few of the known medical conditions this massage can alleviate. To know more ideas on how to choose the right massage therapy treatment, just check out


7.            Pregnancy massage - This massage is only for those pregnant women. As pregnancy can cause a lot of stress and pain to the woman, this massage can alleviate back pains, swollen ankles as well as prepare the body for a smoother delivery.


Now which of these types of massage you are eager to try?